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“A fun, dynamic and empowering weekend workshop, where you will meet like-minded people eager to get the most from life, love and relationships.”

As we well know, intelligence is the new sexy, as such, knowing ourselves better – creating greater self-awareness – is how we improve the quality of our relationships by attracting the right kind of people into our lives.

Through Workshop Attendance You Will:

“Gain powerful, insightful knowledge, into how to uncover, question and change your unconscious, limiting beliefs.”

The power and purpose of our beliefs is now much better understood. We now understand – how the beliefs we are rarely aware of – have direct influence on the quality of our lives and relationships.

By using the modern and powerful thinking tool of GOLD Counselling (analytical and creative transformation) we enable ourselves to break free from the limitations of our beliefs.

Through Workshop Attendance You Will:

“Begin to learn and understand the true value of the Create Beautiful Partnerships Model.”

A tried and tested method to raising self-awareness, and improving happiness and well-being, through joyful and harmonious relationships.

The originators, trainers and facilitators of our workshops, hold to the philosophy: Love Empowers. The sharing of knowledge and understandings – that have helped many individuals improve the quality of their lives and relationships – is just one example of this philosophy.

Additional tools to help navigate our way through love, life and relationships
Additional Tools to Help Navigate, the Often Choppy Waters, of Life

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By visiting our Blog, you will find thought provoking information, and insight into many of our philosophies. 

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Although not essential before workshop attendance, ownership of our workbook will give you clear insight, into what can be gained from questioning established beliefs and expectations. Our workbook is now available for purchase on the Create Beautiful Partnerships page.

The schedule for 2018 workshops, can be found on our Partnership Workshops page.

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“Improve your life, through the self-development that necessitates harmonious, loving relationships.”


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