All You Need is Love

I’ve been awarded an MBE! Surely not, me? An MBE? Actually no, there’s no MBE, I lied, and after this short piece, there’s never likely to be one in the offing either. So with that said, let’s get to some truths. You see, when it comes to truth, it’s all about perspective. It’s about how … More All You Need is Love

Why the World is Mad

It’s all about links and connections. Think about how one thought leads to another. You wake in the morning and your mind starts to whir. What exactly decides the thoughts that lead from one to another?  What is it exactly that determines our very thought processes? Why do we think what we do? Why do … More Why the World is Mad

For the Love of You

Audio version here You meet someone for the first time and you think: ‘Um…. not sure I like this person.’ They may seem a little conceited or arrogant or sanctimonious, or whatever. So you decide to not bother getting to know them any better and move on. Or how about you meet someone for the … More For the Love of You


Audio version of this piece available here Where are you? Do you know any truly courageous people? What character traits would define a courageous person? Someone who can climb mountains? Perhaps this would depend on whether this was a real or metaphorical mountain, some might say the real ones are easy, and climbing has nothing … More Courage