GOLD Counselling

Gold CounsellingⓇ (more than a talking therapy)

“Ummm… and how does that make you feel?”

Counselling others, so they may open up and disclose their troubles – their guilt and their pain – is of immeasurable value. We humans need to talk. We must communicate. We must put into words those things that are holding us back.

I’m often reminded of the film Crocodile Dundee where Dundee states: “In Walkabout Creek if you got a problem you tell Wally and he tells everyone in town, brings it out in the open, no more problem.” So it’s true to say, we can effectively remove guilt, and many of the problems associated, simply by placing them out in the open. Although, the confidentiality offered by a Professional Therapist, is obviously preferable to how it’s done in Walkabout Creek.

When it comes to GOLD Counselling (Analytical and Creative Transformation) Pin-Point Analysis is the difference that makes the difference here. Talking, consciously rationalising our everyday issues, reframing and judicious use of techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) have their place.

However, using Pin-Point Analysis – to accompany these techniques – saves time, effort and indeed your clients’ money. We can never be in the business of exploiting those in pain, through ‘drawing-out’ their therapy, as I once heard suggested by one unscrupulous individual some years ago. In fact so ingrained, is this expectation of exploitation, some of your clients may expect to undergo hours and hours of therapy. It is our mandate, as GOLD Counsellors, to free them of this belief and expectation.

There are numerous instances of people taking years, to ‘talk-out’ their problems, potentially only adding to their troubles through becoming dependent, on the very thing, that’s supposedly freeing them of such issues to begin with.

With this in mind, those who engage the services of a GOLD Counsellor, will only ever experience a maximum of sixteen sessions. Sixteen, is suggested as a maximum, for varying reasons, some of which you may have already guessed upon.

Repeat business is no business of ours. Our intention is to free people from the exploitation of the negative beliefs of others, and never adding, to their troubles. Once we’ve helped our clients instigate change, through tackling the root of the issues, we expect and indeed receive the rewards of permanent change.

If you’ve had the chance to explore other posts on this site, you’ll be aware of the importance of tackling the root, or provenance, to the beliefs creating limiting thoughts, that lead to us creating our problems. When we demonstrate the strength and courage needed, to help others dig at the roots of their problems, we demonstrate compassion and the true love of our fellow man.

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The courage, to see the truth and root of how and why we’re currently in a place of difficulty, is all it takes. The objective of a GOLD Counsellor is to demonstrate this courage from the off.