Partnership Workshops: London

Our workshops are primarily aimed at those seeking to improve their lives, through the self-development that necessitates, harmonious loving relationships. 

We must always bear in mind: how we relate to our own thoughts and feelings, is easily as important, as how we relate to those around us, and closest to us. 

“A Unique, Enlightening Experience”

A fun, dynamic and refreshing weekend workshop, where you’ll meet like-minded people eager to get the most from life and love. As we well know, intelligence is the new sexy, as such, knowing ourselves better – creating greater self-awareness – is how we attract the right kind of people into our lives.

From exploring and changing our limiting beliefs – using the modern and powerful thinking tool of GOLD Counselling (analytical and creative transformation) – to learning the Create Beautiful Partnerships Model, Partnership Workshops are the way and means to improved happiness and well-being.

The originators, trainers and facilitators of our workshops, hold to the philosophy: Love Empowers. The sharing of knowledge and understandings – that have helped many individuals improve the quality of their lives – is just one example.

Becoming involved with our philosophies, will not only award you with an improved outlook on life, it will show you a clear and simple understanding of the healing powers of love. For further information click on our logo or title below.

One Weekend – Two a Better Life