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Reach for It


We have so much to reach for, so far to go, that the possibilities are simply endless. There are some things we do need to get right first though, and so often, the stumbling blocks to our success are the things we overlook.

If you and I were to sit down and have a lengthy chat about your life, and where you’d like it to be in five years time, I can guarantee you’d be surprised at the path I could show you, and the reasons for why this path has potentially been elusive so far.

Sometimes we must look at the bigger picture. There’s an old expression – within the therapy world – that has taken precedence in my mind over the years, and it goes like this: ‘You can only take someone as far as you’ve been yourself.’

Clearly, if the guide you’ve chosen, to show you the mountain pass, doesn’t know his way, then quite simply you will also be lost. A wise choice is to find a guide who is experienced, or has taken the time to learn the most effective, and manageable route.

Within the world there are many, many guides who don’t have a clear sense of the best route to take. Often the guides themselves are a little lost and only following their noses through the maze, using you as a sounding board (or even a springboard) in order to have an elevated, objective view. This is the way of the world, however, we can do things differently, if we’re given a little head start.

The head start here is in the form of information. Going back to the earlier quote for a moment – ‘You can only take someone as far as you’ve been yourself’ – we can see the true meaning of this, when we consider who the best guides turn out to be: Those already on the path who have now turned back in order to walk beside you.

Walking beside you is a comfortable place for me. Guiding you helps me feel good about myself. My fellow man who have yet to find me, and walk beside me, remain lost for some very simple reasons. They’re still doing what everyone else is doing. They’re still refusing to open their eyes wide to the real world, and as such, remain blind to the potential greatness humanity could find.

Only when we clearly see the methods employed by those, who would prefer we stayed blind, will we become fully sighted. Achieving this alone is hard; very hard. Therefore once you’ve made the decision to employ a guide – who has trodden and learned the best path – your burden will be made much lighter and much more manageable.

Because of the world’s conditioning, the burden itself is often unseen. We’re conditioned to believe that the weight of guilt, level of fear and the excessive responsibility we’re so often handed, is acceptable. Those at the top of the ladder have often gotten there through the exploitation of those half blinded by guilt, fear and excessive responsibility. I stopped climbing ladders some years ago, instead, I enjoy the view along the mountain pass, with my friends walking beside me.

Andrew Freedman א